Get Involved with High School Inc.

There are many ways for individuals and businesses to get involved with High School Inc. and we invite you to be a part of Changing Lives and Strengthening Businesses and Communities.


1801 S. Greenville St., Santa Ana, CA 92704.

How individuals can participate

-Become a Business Partner and share industry-related education and their own business experiences with students
-Act as a spokesperson for the program and encourage others to become involved in various ways
-Contribute financially for specific Academy projects, special Academy events, or regional/national competitions

How businesses can participate

-Support High School Inc.’s mission through financial contributions for a specific Academy project, a special event, or regional/national competition
-Providing actual job opportunities, internships and coaching to Academy graduates
-Offer in-kind contributions such as corporate resources (facilities), to be used for Academies’ special events or meetings.
-Coordinate field trips to their place of business, view first-hand the business “in action,” and create “real world” experiences
-Provide opportunities for Academy students to participate in relevant or industry-specific competitions
-Introduce High School Inc. to other businesses and encourage them to Get Involved
-Provide internships for students during the school year and summer
-Provide scholarships for students based on performance or other criteria

Individuals and businesses, who have helped us financially over the years, recognize the impact the program is having and continually find new and innovative ways to Get Involved.