Creating Brighter Futures, More Skilled Workforce, and Stronger Communities

At High School Inc. there's something unique and powerful going on that's changing students' lives and strengthening business and communities. And, at the heart of it all ... are The High School Inc. "Academies." Through a unique partnership between business partners, teachers, parents and community members, High School Inc. is helping students in low socioeconomic areas graduate in larger numbers and realize their career dreams.

The Academy Concept

High School Inc. academy teachers work side-by-side and in strong collaboration, with business advisors (who are actively working in their own specialty areas), to help students uncover their career interests and develop plans to help them reach post-graduation goals.  Teachers and business advisors begin with students in the 10th grade and stay with those same students for several years until graduation. 

Enhancing this instruction are ongoing academy events that enrich a student's learning experience; including guest speakers, field trips to colleges, universities and businesses, training luncheons and awards ceremonies. Core classroom subjects include English, Social Studies, Science and Career Training Education.

Students must maintain passing grades to be able to continue participation in academies, while business advisors reinforce the importance of academic success and its direct link to future earning potential. Students feel more equipped to successfully enter the real world after graduation and typically work harder academically to see their dreams realized. 

An example of how High School equipping students for successful careers can be found with in the Global Business Academy and others. Business advisor and teachers help students develop "real world"  business projects, unique for each grade level and designed to actively engage students including:

  • Developing Strategic Business Plans
  • Enhancing Collaboration Skills
  • Increasing Critical-thinking Skills
  • Developing Problem-solving Skills
  • Practicing Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Business Etiquette and Decorum
  • Professional Networking
  • Responsibility Training


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